Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Great Westmonster Robbery (continued)

Record amount: The former Army major is no stranger to controversy, having prompted outrage last year by likening middle-class voters to paedophiles, drunks and liars

Most of us would have thought that our MP's, after the revelations last year which exposed so many of them as, I think the word 'twisters', is the politest that I can conjure up, would have the common sense to tone down their claims. Their greed became legendary as exposure followed exposure and has led some of them to a spell behind bars.

I just shook my head when today I read about Eric Joyce (above) the MP for Falkirk who managed to wrack up over £200,000 a year in expense claims obviously ignoring the public outrage at the profligacy of Westmonster MPs. I wouldn't complain so vigorously but Falkirk is not one of the far flung outposts of the Highlands. It is almost equidistant from Glasgow and Edinburgh so Mr Joyce cannot plead extreme travel.

I think his claims should be examined rigourously. I am not saying that they are illegal but they are just not considerate. He must be inventing ways to squander money and it should cease forthwith. Someone should certainly whisper into his ear! How do these people get elected?

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