Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bahrein...and elsewhere!

The focus of the MSM has transferred to Bahrein. Bahrein has imported troops from Saudi to quell the ambitions of their people. That is a determined response to the people's rebellion and illustrates how far the Bahrein leaders will go to retain power. Once again I believe that their people have little or no chance of winning this battle. These high flying Arab families have far too much to lose to allow a ragtag people's army to storm their strongholds.

I admire their fortitude but at the moment it is hopeless. Their only hope will be the support of the Muslim fundamentalists who seem to succeed everywhere and really...who wants that? Well I suppose some Muslims do but we are all aware of the Muslim threat to western democracy.

So what is their position compared to the demonstrators at Birkenhead? Can the black brolly demonstrators hope to achieve anything other than eventual arrest? The Political Elite have all the advantages and they have already corrupted the law to such an extent that the Common Law laid down by the Magna Carta appears to have little relevance.

I really admire the efforts of Roger Hayes and Ray St Clair but they face huge odds! Unless they manage to mobilise a really potent force....and I mean huge they will be swallowed up and I don't discount a fate similar to the fate of Dr David Kelly. I don't blog that lightly. These socialists have a lot to lose. People who oppose them tend to die. Roger and Ray are, at the moment, a minor irritation, but if the next demonstration really kicks off and the establishment really becomes threatened then it WILL become nasty.

My sentiments are with the people following Lawful Rebellion. I love their spirit and their cause but the purpose of this post is to advocate caution. Steady guys, we must build slowly. When the rebellion comes and it will come, we must be sure that we have the momentum to win.

Perhaps one day, on a given signal, milllions of people will descend on London waving black brollies (hiding machine guns) but don't do it before you are really ready for the fight because you had better mean it!

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