Saturday, 26 March 2011

It is kicking off....!

I am currently watching images shown on SKY news of young 'demonstrators' committing wanton damage on a bank. Throughout the day  a random collection of people have descended on London all with thoughts of protesting against government 'cuts'. Where were all these people when for over ten years 'NoLab' was destroying the economy.

Where are all these people when the fatcat councillors, bankers and public service chiefs cart away huge sums of money from the public purse. Where are they when judges corrupt the law, or when politicians like Gordon Brown was giving away our sovereignty to the EU.

The socialists ruined the economy and yet when someone tries to reverse the trend and get us back on course the loons are out onto the streets smashing up banks. I am a little behind the times because Ambush Predator covered the motives of the some of the marchers extensively in her March 26th The Contenders post. It really does concern me that the elite socialists have the power to get all these people onto the streets for every wrong reason in the book.

Ever socialist politician trumpets the same mantra. 'They are cutting too deep and too soon' but they never explain where all the money went and the fact that if the Cameron/Clegg axis hadn't cut quickly and deeply then we wouldn't have an economy! I just wish that The Coalition would pay the Foreign Aid bill the same attention and stop givng taxpayers money to an unaudited socialist monster like the EU.

No doubt the Sunday papers will be full of the riots tomorrow and the reasons for the march will all be forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

Erm... wasn't Qadhafi condemned and bombed for something like this? ;)