Monday, 7 March 2011

They seized the court and 'arrested' the judge...!!

I travelled to Birkenhead and joined an estimated 600 protestors outside the Birkenhead County Court today as Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group defended non payment of council tax for the third consecutive year. The event has been extensively covered in the Wirral Globe but I was amazed at just how many people turned out on a Monday afternoon and their level of commitment.

Inside the court they attempted to arrest the County Court judge under the terms of Article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 and the judge had to retreat to an adjoining room. Of course the inevitable happened and the police turned out in force complete with camera vehicles and dogs. The case had to be adjourned and there was a few problems once the police turned up but generally the mood of the crowd was positive as my clip shows.

I get the impression that if 600 can be bothered to turn out for a small hardly publicized event on a Monday afternoon in Birkenhead then there is a movement being built brick by brick. The other significant factor was the make up of the protestors, yes there were a few rough looking EDL types but there were so many ladies of all ages and their commitment is unquestionable. This is not the last time that the black brollies will be brandished in the air!


NewsboyCap said...


sorry we didn't meet up,but what a great day.Met some wonderful and very knowledgeable people I hope this is just the beginning of something more powerful. Maybe we can meet up at the next one.

Anonymous said...

Good to see scottish flag

Anonymous said...

well done everyone :-)

bryboy said...

Yes well done everyone but they must get better organised. At the moment this is a movement organised from within. Only a few know the agenda, the personalities or the future. They must open up and embrace the public. T realise that they must be cautious but they do have guts. I am so pleased that I went because it gave me an insight into the future.