Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lawful Rebellion!

The more that I research this subject the more disgusted I become. There is a plethora of videos on YouTube that expose the Political Class and their allies to crimes beyond belief! Our society has become so depraved that I sometimes wonder where we are going. Well I know where we are going because we are advocating sex education for five year olds! What has happened to childhood?

Some time ago I blogged about Holly Greig but her supporter Robert Green is on YouTube and his exposee is hardly credible in a decent country. It goes all the way up to Alex Salmond in Scotland and although there is no evidence to implicate him personally there is a lot of evidence to suggest that some of the leading political figures in Scotland are covering up an immense scandal. Oh by the way Holly Greig was given a sexual transmitted disease at 9 years of age and they are trying to cover it up! Are you interested yet?

The more that I read, the more that I witness and the more that I blog.  I am uncovering a rottenness which could never have been contemplated prior to this country joining the European Union. The EU is evil incarnated. The unelected, unaudited czars of the European Union are bringing down national economy after national economy! It is a rolling disaster and is actually an attack on Western Europe. Look at what is happening!

The economies of Ireland, Greece, Portugal. Italy and Spain are in freefall and dear little Belgium, the home of the chief Czar Herman van Rompuy ( I think), does not have a government!

At home here in Britain we cannot deport anyone ( no matter how evil) because they have a right to a family life. It continues unabated and if you protest you get arrested. We have a tiny chink in the armour and it is termed 'Lawful Rebellion'. Our whole constitiution is based upon the Magna Carta 1215 which cannot be repealed and has been the basis upon which our Common Law is based. It actually supercedes everything.

Way back in 1215 the architects of the Magna Carta realised that they had one chance to draft a bill which could never be reversed and they did it. They knew way back then that in the future we would have a European Union!

You see even the Queen has to obey the Magna Carta. She should have vetoed our entrance to the EU but she didn't. Sorry if that offends anyone but that is the law. The Magna Carta actually prevents us from entering the EU. We don't need a referendum on it because the Magna Carta declares that we cannot join it. Anyone who attempts to give away our sovereignty is guilty of treason. The penalty for treason in this country is still death.

Are you getting the picture?

The public have been duped. The Political Class are acting illegally. The police are also acting illegally. We must challenge them at every opportunity because they are out of order. The only way that we can challenge is to get onto the streets. It, quite frankly, can be boring. To support a cause is not dangerous because there are many younger people who will take the risks.

Any protest just needs numbers. They only want you to be there. They only want you to hold an umbrella in the air and chant. Please don't be scared! I was really apprehensive when I went to Birkenhead. I went alone and learned. It is all pre-ordained and you are not part of the plot. You get involved if you want to but it is your sheer presence that is needed. I saw really elderly ladies waving their black brollies in the air.

What courage, what commitment, what a determined attitide to defeat the forces of evil. Time after time I heard the sentiment that 'I am here for my grandchildren'. You all know what is right so get off your backsides and march. Our fathers and grandfathers fought for this country and that is also your duty. They fought bullets all we have to fight are edicts, attitudes, policies and cowardice.

Support Lawful Rebellion but at least YouTube it to see what is happening because you won't hear it from the BBC or the MSM. We need you on the streets!


NewsboyCap said...


another quality post thanks.
But, despite all the evil and corruption you are uncovering how much better do you feel about yourself for having opened your eyes to see what's really going on.I started to slowly wake up after reading a post about the smoking ban written by Captain Ranty.From that one post I was inspired to start to try to understand Lawful Rebellion and, like your self have vowed to do something rather than sit on my backside whining.Next week I will send off an affidavit to the Queen to start my Lawful move into Rebellion. This is not done lightly, but with a heavy heart as I know it must be done. Welcome to the cause brother, fellow Rebel.

richard said...

Good post, but Labour abolished the death penalty for treason in 1998, conveniently for themselves. Lisbon, illegal warfare, and more economic damage to the kingdom than who knows how many Jap quakes. A pity, as they should be tried and hanged and they knew it too, the bastards. Which is why they had the death penalty abolition hidden in some kind of sexual offences and ASBO law, ie the crime and disorder act 1998

bryboy said...

Tks guys and sorry that I misled everyone about the death for treason myth! Frankly I should have known better because they have all the angles covered. It probably just goes to prove that they knew they were committing treason! I spent Friday evening informing my friends about the events in Birkenhead 'cos it never caused a ripple within the media!

Captain Ranty said...


Here is another look at the events: