Monday, 28 March 2011


There are endless endgame scenarios which we now may be dangerously close to playing. Already the Russians are hinting that we have exceeded the terms of the United Nations mandate. There is little doubt that the NATO flyers have really influenced the outcome of this civil war. If we are only there to safeguard civilian lives then how loosely can we interpret the role?

I think that everything depends on the support that Gadaffi can expect from the civilian population in Tripoli. The fight to the finish in Tripoli is a conflict which we must ignore. We can only hope that the rebels can pull it off but if the citizens of Tripoli support Gadaffi then all hell could break loose.

There are also many in Tripoli who would not want to confront any form of rebel court. All those secret police could fair really badly if faced with the people that they have brutalized. These are the guys that any successful rebellion target in the first few days so fighting to the last man is hardly an option. I have a really bad feeling about all of this because Gadaffi won't given up easily and there has been very little opposition in the race along the road to Tripoli. What has he got up his sleeve?

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Daffy got majority of libyans in his sleeve. Time passes, bombs are falling, and his supporters only fight better. I don't believe all this mercenary bullshit anymore. Money is no good for a dead man. On the other hand, these rebs look pathetic, as if they want the West to do all dirty work for them. Also looking at the kind of beards they wear gives me creeps.