Tuesday, 29 March 2011

UK Uncut

Unfortunately I missed Emily Maitlis interviewing Lucy Annson of UK Uncut on last night's Newsnight so I watched it today and it became clear that the interviewer just could not get her head around this latest method of civil unrest. She persistently confused 'UK Uncut' with 'Black Bloc' another 'twitter' phenomena but two groups with entirely different agendas.

Emily Maitlis followed the tried and tested BBC ploy of trying to discredit the organisation instead of trying to uncover the ideology. She repeatedly used immotive words, like 'damage', 'violence' and 'smashed' to colour the argument; words which frankly did not resonate with the personification of reason exuding from Lucy Annson.

On the other hand Lucy didn't really help her cause by playing such a dead bat to the questions being asked. It is clear however that UK Uncut have unearthed a new method of protest which has already embarrassed the Met. On Saturday when faced with violence all over the capital they apparently arrested 148 protesters and now it transpires that 139 of these were the group lied to by the Chief Inspector at the Fortnum and Mason store. No wonder Lucy Annson suggested that they were investigating unlawful arrest.

Once again British police have demonstrated a treachery and cowardice unparalleled in the western world. Protestors everywhere may learn the lesson. If you are violent, smash windows, destroy property, attack the police then there is roughly a 9/200,000 chance that you will be arrested. If you sit down, protest in a polite manner, clear up any mess that you have created and cooperate with a police request then you get roughed up, 'kettled' and charged en masse!

It is despicable! The Chief Inspector who told the lies should be disciplined (this is the right time for an apology) and the Commissioner should resign because clearly his force is incompetent and out of control. In the meantime UK Uncut has a platform. What will they do with it? If they are to make an impact then organisation has to be the key.

I have just one concern. Their criticism of the bankers and the tax evaders is legitimate and should be pursued. However, what about the parliamentary Labour Party who must share the blame for causing the cuts and what about the socialist Town Hall 'fat cats'. In the interests of 'fair play' should they not next occupy somewhere like Nottingham City Hall?

If they at least acknowledged that the left wing of politics was involved in our plight along with the bankers and corporate tax dodgers then they would command support from all quarters.


Anonymous said...

Don't be too cruel on Emily, remember only two days ago you ranted that "Adam Ramsay and his pals [UK Uncut] invaded Fortnum and Mason on Saturday with the intention of doing as much damage as possible.."

Still, well done on following up your research.


bryboy said...

Thank you Simon I am happy to be kept on my toes and you are quite right! I am also so happy that there are groups of the 'yoof' who are challenging authority. My generation have been a disgrace. We have picked up all our pensions and have left a land not fit for our grandchildren. However it will not be fit for us either and as we dribble into our gruel we can reflect that we should have challanged the adage that we could not debate 'religion or politics' in the pub!