Saturday, 5 March 2011

Monday, Monday....!

Was it not the Mamas and Papas who sang that song? I have never ever been on any form of protest but the time has come and I am kind of excited! I am determined to attend in Birkenhead but I have no idea what I am walking into! My wife says that if I get arrested she will disown me. She knows why I am going and even at my age I need to do this.

It may not develop, I may be really dissappointed but at least I will have attended and I am taking my camera which like most modern cameras does video as well as still. Anyone visiting this blog will see the event exclusively! Ha! Your roving reporter will march for democracy!


Tygereye said...

Go for it! I live in Devon and can't make it but I'm there in spirit I promise. Will be watching all developments with some interest.

CR pointed me to you by the way.

bryboy said...

Hi Tigereye! CR is a very potent force. Tks for your good wishes!