Monday, 14 March 2011

Lawful Rebellion!

Every time that I visit YouTube I discover another video clip from someone else. YouTube is the real truth in this country. YouTube cannot be revoked because it is evidence. The people know the power of the camera and they are using it. One clip even caught me in the background at Hamilton Square, Birkenhead which at least proved to my wife that I was actually there.

It is difficult for us older people because we are ignored as a force. We believe and we want to be included but rebellion is largely for the young. For example I have a medical problem that insists that not long after I eat I must get rid of it! Three times I was downstairs in the toilet area of the Weatherspoons pub when frankly I was missing the action. It drives me mad but it is a fact of life, my internal pouch ten years ago saved my life!

So what next for Lawful Rebellion? Well I read that the case against 'Rusty' and another protester will be heard on Tuesday 03 May and witnesses are sought. Well hell there are so many committed witnesses to the action of the police that it is likely that the case could last forever! The police have been so corrupted that they just don't get the scene.

The bottom line is that the law has been corrupted. People like Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group and Raymond St Clair who led the protest in and out of the court... and I personally witnessed him asking a protester to remove a balaclava style I know his commitment...are the very people that we have been seeking to lead the popular rebellion.

It will grow! The MSM refuse to acknowledge this rebellion. They think that it won't happen. They believe that we are so cowed, so cowardly and so switched off that they are safe. I have always said that it would just take one brave man to lead the rebellion. Perhaps we have found not just one but a host of pissed off people.

I know nothing about the plans of the British Constitution Group but I suspect that on the day that the two protestors who were arrested appear in court they will be surrounded by witnesses and well wishers. I suspect that the police will be drafted in from everywhere. They have no response apart from violence. They know that they can trump up charges willy nilly and that the corrupt judges will support them.

The rebellion began in Birkenhead and now government will discover how the power of the people will prevail. They can flood the Birkenhead Court with cops but if thousands turn out to support the brave people who are fronting the rebellion they will have to get the message...We are not scared of you any more!



Blaize Burdon said...

It's all good stuff! I hope the momentum continues.

Captain Ranty said...

I agree. I think rebellion is for the youth.

But, I think it is vital that those who pretend to be in charge see that all age groups are represented.

They can (and will) dismiss the youth as being hot-heads. If we older folk intersperse the ranks of the rebels, they will realise that they have outraged ALL of us.

Kudos to you for being there. Much respect indeed.


bryboy said...

Tks for your interest guys. CR the thing that kept me going was the cosmopolitan make up of the group outside of the court. I could hear Welsh and Scottish accents, all ages and in particular many ladies of all ages. This was a group reflecting the concern of the public. I got the feeling that they had a focal point at last created by Roger, Raymond and many others.

Anonymous said...