Thursday, 24 March 2011


I see that there is a report in today's Daily Mail speculating that Libyans, living in the UK, are plotting revenge attacks on our streets. This report comes only a couple of days after Andrew Neil of the Daily Politics reported crowds of people out side every Arab embassy in the diplomatic quarter of London.

This is of course a direct consequence of the elite socialists flooding the country with foreigners without the consent of the people. They achieved their aims changing the character of our country beyond recognition but they also created an immediate threat to our security. To my knowledge there has never been a concerted effort to weed out the 'illegals' and 'overstayers'.

I know from my time working at an Asylum Appeals Centre just how many were coming in legally and there are a helluva lot of Libyans in this country. To be honest it is probably the reason that the people of North Africa and the Middle East are rebelling against tyranny. So many came to stay in the UK that they spread the word about the 'green grass' on the other side of the world. I marvel at how so many of them can communicate in English.

But as we are currently involved in military conflict in two faraway countries is it not about time that we began to assess the threat levels in this country? Maybe it is happening but my experience of working for the government is that planning for the future is minimal. Mostly the threat is ignored until something happens and then everyone 'apologises' and rushes in to close the stable door.

In my father's day it would have meant internment for foreign nationals considered a threat to our security. The problem is that in the UK today we would probably need a camp the size of Dorset to house them all!

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