Monday, 21 March 2011

The Public Speak!

Only 24% of the public trust George Osborne on the budget and yet, here we go, only 11% trust Ed Balls! This demonstrates the trust that the British electorate have in their Political Class. How can anyone trust Ed Balls on anything (well I suppose 11%  includes his missus... I think) and at least it now proves that two thirds of the population have completely lost faith in our Political Class.

It is a sad reflection on the performance of those in power. I am afraid that a rebellion is about to happen and it is needed. I have always blogged that the people need to get onto the streets and yet I don't quite agree with the clip on the Captain Ranty blog. I have so much time for this blog because he is really rallying the people but I am not completely convinced by the guy with the transatlantic accent who wants us to march with the unions and the students.

Sorry I will carry my black brolly anywhere but not with a political ideal that I don't agree with. I won't march with Trade Unions and I won't march with manipulated kids. They are just socialist instruments of mass indoctrination. The events in Birkenhead were spontaneous because the people who went there were not led. That was the real English spirit in action. Who knows it may have been the last action of a repressed  public. It may never be allowed again!

I am much more interested in the clip that Captain Ranty showed about Max Cann and his dispute with the Torbay Council. I tell you what guys that is real commitment. I really salute Max of the famiily Cann!


Anonymous said...

The name that came to mind when reading this, was Pol-Pot.
Unions have their place, but like all power hungry crazy's, they always want more. By holding others to ransom to get their way.
The students are a production of an education system, that does not really give them the freedom of thought it should. Indoctrinated to such an extent to follow without even thinking clearly.
Problems could arise alarmingly quickly when put in a situation when you dont know the person standing next to you.
Agitators are common in demonstrations, so as to use a more forceful way of control.
I wish the captain well, but I have reservations of the outcome when aligning with such.
I hope to be proved wrong..



Captain Ranty said...

Well, I am just happy that people are doing something.

It may go weird, as M says, because every protest/march contains people with covert agendas.

The alternative is to sit at home and do absolutely nothing.

I think it will be a good event. It will send a message to the government, as deaf as they are.