Monday, 28 February 2011

Libya.. very interesting... but what about us?

The rebellion in the Arab countries seems to have stalled. The pictures from Libya are really graphic but we have yet to see the endgame. What I found amazing was the ferocity of the battle which took place in Libya away from the world's media. These people really had to fight for their freedom and were prepared to do so. The wrecked tanks, the destroyed airfields and the aftermath are shocking.

Personally I don't think that we in the comfort zone of western democracy can contemplate the suffering of the people in these situations and THAT is why the fighting is so ferocious. It has taught me a lesson. Events in this country will have to deteroriate so much more before the people will rebel against the EU (for example).

Perhaps that is the reason that the EU is so confident and the elite socialists can march forward with their jaundiced agenda. They dominate us but they know that we are not yet desperate for change. We are still in a kind of comfort zone which makes us grumble and complain but it is not sufficient to make us really object. One day it will!

In the meantime fuel prices escalate, food prices escalate, energy prices escalate and yet, can you believe, inflation is rock bottom. Nothing has risen to an extent that interest rates respond because when they do the bankers will have to reward savers.  How these bankers hate British savers! How they hate pensioners who saved all their lives for a decent retirement and yet now they are being betrayed.

In the UK everyone is rewarded unless, of course, you have paid into the system for your whole life. Your pension is now at minimum wage level. Frankly you probably cannot face your energy bills. Well yes you can pay your energy bills but then you don't eat!

Nobody ever stands up and says 'Hang on the same people are being clobbered for every tax going!' We have a Political Class that gorges itself on our taxes, we have a Bonus Class that invents ways of paying themselves extravagant rewards and we have a Criminal/Immigration Class which is being given every advantage to claim money from the public purse.

What about us? What about the indigenous population that contributes all this money for the Political/Bonus Classs to squander. We elect all these MPs and yet somehow once they get elected we never get even one who complains about the inequality in our society! Not bloody one! Not a squeak, not a protest, not even a whisper that the pensioners are being ripped off! It is a scandal and one day I will take my zimmer frame to London! 

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