Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Socialist Elite

They do make it easy for someone to expose them!
For a brief and inauspicious period somebody (Gordon Brown) thought that Jacqui Smith would make a good Home Secretary.

She was of course an absolute disaster (like most of the elite socialists) and eventually was outed for claiming expenses for sleeping in her sister's back bedroom but claiming copious wads of cash by lying that she was elsewhere. Then she followed it up by claiming for her husband's porn films and her SKY TV subscription (Gordon put her up to that one).

For some reason, that I will never comprehend, she was allowed to apologise to the House instead of facing a court of law. Perhaps it was thought that it would be bad for the country if a former Home Secretary was nicked but now she has reneged on the deal. Instead of quietly retiring to her country pad thanking God that she had escaped what she really deserved...she now turns up to front a television programme on porn!

This is the modern Labour party in action. Sooner or later they are all exposed for what they are. Without exception they completely lack moral scruple. From Blair to Brown to Mandelson to Prescott to Smith to Blunkett..need I go on...all caught up in scandal after scandal and the the footsoldiers...Devine, Illsley, Chater..the Labour party is a shadow of the party which my grandfather and father supported to their graves.

It has been corrupted by the socialist elite because of greed and avarice. Their moral compass is no more...power is there only aim. They do not have ONE SINGLE POLICY WHICH WOULD BENEFIT ANY HONEST WORKER IN THIS COUNTRY! Please prove me wrong!

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