Sunday, 13 February 2011

Derby County

Sorry here I go again. On Saturday evening over 26000 people witnessed a team representing Derby County play a fixture against Leicester City a team which just happens to be a near neighbour. Ok it is really insignificant when one considers all the other problems that we face as a nation but we all need a recreation and mine is Derby County.

This so called team assembled at hardly any cost did not manage in 94 minutes at home one single shot on the opposition goal. They were humiliated at home! It was appalling! At least five of the team are many eons away from championship standard. I trawl through Nigel Clough's purchases from the nether regions and apart from John Brayford I cannot find another purchase that has proven successful. Bailey, Buxton, Pringle, Anderson, Porter, Roberts, Cwyka, Deeley, Ben Davies etc etc... none of them are up to scratch.

In addition the academy is in disarray. Since he arrived at the club not one lad has managed to break through! Not one kid has been given the opportunity to break into the first team squad. This year they were kicked out of the FA Youth Cup  at home ... by wait for it ...Southend United!

The press ignore Derby County because frankly they are insignificant. There is no news because there is no club. They have traded on the Clough name and we have now all realised that it was worthless. I fear that what these Americans actually wanted was the real estate. They have no interest in the heritage, the passion or the town. Derby County has been sold down the river to people who are refusing to invest in the club.

I expect that this year we may remain in the championship because frankly we have probably three worse clubs than Derby. Next year however will be different. Nigel has signed (cheaply) players who probably won't even survive in Division One. Perhaps he feels more at home in the nether regions but a club with such spectacular attendances deserves so much more.

On Saturday evening we were dire. He had no clue how to change events and anyone who really believes that Ben Pringle (formerly Ilkeston town) is better than Alberto Bueno (formerly Real Madrid) seriously should have a look in the mirror. When I view the passion of managers like Billy Davies, Owen Coyle and Ian Holloway and then witness the sulks of Nigel then I know that we have the wrong man.

However he is not solely to blame. This board is unfortunately unrealistic. They seem to believe that they can accept the glory and the fame and yet not spend any money. Derby are surrounded by patrons who are pouring money into their clubs. We appear to have limited resources but then we have wonderful support . Surely we can attract a patron who will reward this loyalty?  These Americans are poison.

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