Monday, 14 February 2011

My First 'Gig'

Can you believe that I actually did my first ever 'gig' last Friday when I took my keyboard down to my local Sports and Social Club and played all evening (well until 10pm).

It was really daunting and I very nearly chickened out. Fortunately a couple of early evening friends (thanks Evelyn and John) encouraged me to set up and play. It was a daunting experience particularly as the club became packed and the noise level grew throughout the evening.

I learned a lot. In the end I enjoyed it after I had settled but it was really stressful. After a deep breath... I would probably do it again (why?) because I want to entertain. I like the feeling that I have a talent to entertain and at my age that is quite precious. I just hope that I am not overrating my ability. I would hate to become embarrassing but then I would hope that my friends would tell me and I have great friends!

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bewick said...

Congratulations. There, it wasn't so bad was it?
The proof of the pudding will be if they ask you back. Good luck