Thursday, 3 February 2011

Council bosses still feeding at the public trough....!

There is growing anger on the Blogosphere at the inability of David Cameron and in particular Communities Minster, Eric Pickles, to impose any form of pay restraint on local council bosses, many of whom still pay themselves in excess of £200,000! I well remember the publicity received by Cameron on the run up to the last election when he committed himself to a review of the salaries that are making a significant dent in local services.

Many of the socialist councils are cutting public transport rather than persuading their leading officers to cut their salaries. It is still one of the worst scandals in the country and yet another Tory promise that has bitten the the bonfire of Quangoes!

These council bosses are really spitting in the face of the public because frankly they contribute very little to the economy in comparison to the private sector and nobody in local government should be paid more than the PM. It is a waste of council tax particularly in this age of austerity which came about because of people like them.

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