Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I fear for the Egyptian people particularly those in Tahrir Square. The impetus has gone out of their demonstration. President Mubarak is still in power and every day that he remains in power gives him time to recover. According to the Human Rights organisations hundreds have been killed and many more are still being tortured. The freedom fighters in the square are stuck, they are actually 'kettled' with the media and elsewhere Mubarak is retaining his grip.

I have no inside information and no evidence to back up my feelings. I have just witnessed history. If you are going to unseat a brutal dictator then you must be as ruthless as he is. In the Daily Mail today the British proprietors of an hotel in Sharm el Sheik are almost pleading for visitors. They claim that life is back to normal and nobody should fear the situation in Egypt.

That unfortunately is not good news for the opposition. I fear that, when they least expect it, Mubarak will attack and the scene will be very bloody. I sincerely hope that I am wrong. I really hope that I am totally barking up the wrong tree. If I am right however let future generations know that if you rebel then there is no going back. If you rebel then you had better have a plan and you had better mean it.

There was an Egyptian on the news who lives in Bristol. He related that his wife had told him not to come back until Mubarak was gone. I hope she doesn't regret it.

It is my belief that long after I am gone the British people will have to rebel against the European Union and the rebellion will be fierce and prolonged. Let them learn from past failures because when the crunch comes there is no going back. Commitment is vital! A rebellion has to be quick and decisive. Once your momentum has begun then it must never slow down. It is all or nothing. If you hesitate for one second then the state will regather.

I await the end game in Egypt with baited breath.

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