Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Battle Lines are Drawn...and we are in the Middle!

Even the most apathetic amongst us knows that the local councils are out of control. The salaries of the Chief Officers have soared into the stratosphere under NoLab and the non jobs mainly advertised in the Guardian and all well paid have increased year on year.

This is part of the strategy of the socialist elite to fight The Coalition cuts. It is actually quite a cunning tactic given the average intelligence of the public. They wreck the economy by overpaying their state stooges with money they haven't got, they then deny that we have a deficit and when someone else arrives to clear up their mess they make the public suffer.

None of the overpaid political zealots are losing anything, the non jobholders continue to be employed but the public... well the public...the very people who puggy up the Council Tax which these socialists waste on their cunning schemes..lose public toilets, libraries, swimming pools and anything that these socialists can close to make the public believe that they are being forced into the action.

It is so cynical. It is so disgusting. It is however typical of the socialist machine which is slowly and surely grinding the country into the ground. The strategy is so improper and I just amazed that the public still continue to support them. A new swearword has been coined which seems to be far worse than all the 'f' words and 'c' words put together. The new vile word is 'Tory'. If you are a (spit) 'Tory' then you are pure scum.

A couple of days ago a Tory MP who suffers from cerebal palsy was mocked and abused by Labour MPs at Westmonster. How low can they get but he was fair game because he was a 'Tory'! What on earth the Speaker was doing at the time I don't know but then he has his own personal family problems!!

You must remember however, that the Labour leadership is a very narrow group of ex Public School scholars. They are all toffs! Now that Alan Johnson and Prezzie have melted into the background the rest of them know nothing about the life of the Paying Class. They are all paid up members of the Political Class where anything goes. At the moment many of them are being paraded through the courts for abusing their expenses but they are just foot soldiers.

Our Labour Party are the local officers for a much larger socialist movement run by the European Union. It is a huge and rather scary organisation and we must continue to fight it while we still have this facility because one day blogging will cease. One day it will be outlawed because it is the last refuge of the free. Blogging is the last bastion of democracy so we must use it wisely.

In the meantime don't be fooled. The councils could maintain all the services if they lost their grip on their greed. Everything they close could be maintained if the Chief Officers accepted reasonable salaries. I know that there are reasonable well run councils but they were not the ones that squandered all the money. In the meantime you can bet your sweet bippy that we, the Paying Class, will be the ones who will suffer. We always do but don't complain because you might get arrested.

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