Monday, 7 February 2011

House Arrest....brilliant!

SKY news has just had a young, black ex-offender on the programme discussing ASBOs, tagging and the government's approach to crime. He is type of lad who the government should be listening to. He was scornful at the idea of confiscating mobile phones and Ipads because as he said they would just go and take somebody elses.  Not realising what a diamond that she had on the programme it took the presenter far too long to ask him the obvious question..."Well how would you limit crime?"

"House arrest", he replied. She still couldn't get her head around his suggestion so he repeated it. "You turn their house into a prison. They are tagged and cannot leave. No meeting mates, no bragging about ASBOs, no causing trouble for the public. Their parents would get the joy of their company all the time."

I laughed because it is so simple! They would go stir crazy! I reckon three months of moping around the house unable to see anyone else would be a hard lesson to learn and when they are eventually released I doubt if they would want to repeat the process. I guess it wouldn't be a joyride for the parents either.

Yes it may have flaws but until we turn our current holiday camps into proper prisons it is one of the better ideas. Today I viewed a list of 105 political 'think tanks' all claiming charitable status and one lone black lad from the streets comes up with a better idea than any of them. I hope someone co-opts him. Sorry but I don't have a name yet.

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