Monday, 14 February 2011

Illegal immigrants allowed benefits....

The Daily Mail is highlighting the practice that was introduced by the elite socialists of allowing illegals to claim sickness benefits and maternity pay despite the fact that they were not eligible for it. This is just another example of how they squandered public finances without a backward glance.

Iain Duncan-Smith, the Works and Pensions Secretary claims that he will outlaw the practice in his new Welfare Reform Bill. Well so he should but he should go further and outlaw the people. 

I must admit that for a short time in my latter working life I spent time on the front line of the local Job Centre. It was never an enjoyable experience but I learned a lot. For example if any foreigner (some with very little English) decided that they wished to apply for a job (any job) we automatically generated them a temporary National Insurance number which legitimised their employment seeking even if we did not check their entitlement to be in the country! I questioned this practice but was told that it was the standard procedure which I was obliged to follow.

This was in 1999 and we now know that it was the practices like this which ignored the invasion of our shores and made Britain the soft touch that attracted such an influx of foreigners many of them so alien to our way of life. We really should be making a bigger effort to weed the illegals out and send them on their way. If the records now show that 155,000 received benefits of any kind that they were not entitled to they should be asked to repay them and in return be granted a one way ticket home. I would go further and surcharge the architects of this policy. It has to be traceable back to someone and it would be a lesson in  the prevention of crime.

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