Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Care for the Elderly?

What is happening to this country? Have we lost all sense perspective, of honour, of compassion or of common sense? How can people sign up to become nurses, go through the training and then abuse and neglect the people that they are paid to care for. What has happened to the matron, the sisters or the system? Who trains these people and why are they not weeded out?

I am sorry but I have witnessed it with my own eyes and as in education the system has been corrupted to an extent that any decent society would not allow. It is happening in every walk of our society but it is more shocking when it happens to the infirm and vulnerable. Try the NHS method of care for the elderly in Africa and they would be amazed!

Our society is under attack. I blog about it to the point of nausea but it is not getting through. The attack comes from the European Union (I know here I go again) but our society was sane and sensible until this bunch of lunatics got together and organised a governmental coup to undermine everything that we took for granted. The trouble is so many people are still living in the past . They still vote Labour even though the elite socialists have wrecked our local government system by their greed and ineptitude.

My daughter removed my mother from Leicester Royal Infirmary (without any objection from the ward) because she could see that my mother was not being cared for and could be in danger. My mother was at that time 93 years of age. I was on holiday on a cruise ship but my daughter is a veterinary nurse and is nobody's fool. She looked around and realised that the nurses on that ward were frankly incompetent and uncaring. If she could see it then where was the matron, where were the ward sisters and where was the Union to remind the nurses of their duty (Ooops sorry for a moment I was back in my father's time when unions upheld standards and were not purely a political tool).

I personally have great care from the local hospitals but then I am still lucid and articulate. One day I may not be but then that applies to all of you. If you don't challenge the system now then one day you will be sat there peeing your pants because the nurse on reception is chatting to her mates!

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