Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Final Frontier!!

This guy is playing with his pet! His name is Chico and the croc is called Pocho! Chico is a Puerto Rican fisherman who saved the croc's life after it had been shot and left for dead! He took it home, like you do, slept with it and fed it up! Chico reckons that he just loves all animals (well he would say that wouldn't he!) and apparently tried to return the croc to got out and followed him home!

Apparently his family was aghast when he first took to the water with his pal (really?) so he had to gain confidence in the croc when nobody was around!! I he was with a huge croc so he sneaked into the water with him!

Surely this is the final frontier? Already we have bonded with lions (remember Elsa and George Adamson ) gorillas and bears. it just goes to prove that if you are kind to animals then they will respond.

It is just that first step which is kinda risky!

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