Wednesday, 16 February 2011

How bad can it get?

Every headline is lunacy! Every pronouncement an attack on our society and every day it happens. Today we had those guilty of sex crimes being allowed to appeal against their entries on the sex offenders register. Do their victims get a say on this? You already know the answer.

A guy employs someone who steals from him. He marches him to a police station and he is angry. He now faces financial ruin while the thief gets a caution. Some idiot lawyer quotes that 'You can't have people taking the law into their own hands' ...What f***ing law? Sorry but steam is coming out of my ears!

The apparently crooked leader of Manchester Council who are robbing their citizens blind then claims that the cuts are worse than the IRA bombings. They are so blinkered, so steeped in their personal greed, so bereft of loyalty/patriotism/honour or any of the traditional characteristics of the British people that they have totally lost the plot.

It does demonstrate however that if you offer people enough money then most will succumb to temptation. If you offer kids wonderful exam results for nothing, if you then offer them a great job for nothing then the response will be total loyalty because society will regard them as a success. They will however, deep inside themselves, know people who are genuine successes, people who they can never ever emulate. They know but then they must hope that the king will never be in the altogether.

On the credit side Eric Pickles, the Communities Minister, has proposed a bill to limit local government salaries to £100,000. I just hope that they get it through. Any government fighting against the vast army which the European Union has created in this country has a really difficult fight. I'm still not sure that I trust the Coalition but it is all we have got.

We must fight for an independent United Kingdom...we must fight every day just like Churchill did against Adolf Hitler. To be honest the European Union threatens us just as much as Adolf Hitler did in his day but this is the irony. The European Union also threatens Germany as much as Adolf Hitler did in his day!

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bewick said...

Sorry Bryboy but Pickles isn't capping LG salaries at £100k. What he is doing is making it a legal requirement for such salaries to be subject to a vote at full Council.
Before "Cabinet Government" salaries of Chief Officers would be voted upon by say "the Personnel Sub Committee" which reported to the Policy and Resources Committee which reported to the full Council. In effect the full Council already voted by accepting the minutes and likely still does.
There is a problem though. Salaries of CEOs and Chief Officers used to be determined by a national formula which related to population size and Authority type. There was though some leeway and it seems that since I left that has been exercised indiscriminately.
CEOs and Chief Officers are the ones who advise and they have advised in their own favour. Nothing new there.
There are other issues. The wider market price of professionals such as lawyers, architects, accountants, civil engineers and such determines the price of such in LG. On top of that are higher salaries for such professionals exercising management responsibilities. Finally the Chief Officer.
Even in specifically LG activities such as Environmental Health Officers national shortges can create a "pay spiral" which has knock on effects because of equal pay legislation.
There are structural problems with LG pay. For example a Chief Officer tends to be paid 50% more than the next most senior in his department- Deputy or Assistant Chief officers. The CEO probably gets 50% more than the Chief Officers.
I often used to lunch with my CEO I felt sorry for him - a very lonely job battling against internal officer politics as well as the actual politicians. Not worth £1/4m though No idea what the current CEO of Newcastle now gets but when I was there he was, like me, an Assistant Chief Officer but was shall we say "unimpressive".
He was an Environmental Health Officer by professions so "brown nosing" wasn't alien to him and looks to have paid off

Regarding ECHR and a few other things. I think I am detecting real euroscepticsm in Cameron. With luck this will build over the next year or two and we may end up with an "in or out" referendum. I know the result if we do.Bring it on.