Friday, 4 February 2011

The English Defence League!

On Tuesday evening I blogged about a young man who, in my opinion, took Jeremy Paxman to the cleaners. He is called Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) and despite a strong, London working class accent he is articulate and can handle the media with aplomb. He is said to be the founder of the English Defence League who are planning to march through Luton town centre on Saturday.

Today Mr Lennon faced Adam Boulton of Sky News and once again refused to be intimidated by the voice of the establishment. In my opinion Boulton is particularly smug and although I love Sky News I don't like this particular journalist who has a rude tendency to talk over and bully people when he thinks he can get away with it.

I know nothing about the English Defence League. I know nothing about Stephen Lennon but he does have the mainstream media concerned and I am not surprised. The problem is that anyone who openly suggests that the rise of Islamic extremism in this country is a problem that must be addressed is immediately attacked by every weapon at the disposal of the mainstream media.

Already I can predict the outcome on Saturday. The EDL will march and hold a rally. They will at one point be attacked by the socialist backed 'United against Fascism' and associated Muslim factions; in the resultant melee the police will arrest as many of the EDL as they can and ignore all the rest. At least that is what they did the last time when the Muslims began openly burning poppies in Luton. Lennon was charged with assault on a police officer but it was clearly a trumped up charge because later it was quietly dropped!

It is this heavy handed, one sided response to a grave problem in this country which is building up support for the EDL. Lennon stated today that we needed a debate on the Muslim issue because it is a real concern to many people who are seeing whole communities turned over to Muslim occupation. The white non-working class have nobody representing them. They are the Ignored Class, left to their own devices with no prospect of advancement and therefore no aspiration.

These are naturally tough kids. Many of them form the basis of the British Army (one avenue of escape from poverty). If they find a voice, if they find a genuine leader and if they begin to unite then I suspect the BNP will soon cease to be a problem. One day Trafalgar Square may become our Tahrir Square unless someone in government has the courage to broach the problem. Someone, somewhere ought to start listening before it is too late.

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bewick said...

So so right Bryboy. In the event there was no trouble in Luton.
Stephen Lennon is, apparently, a tradesman with limited education. For one such he is rather articulate. Paxman treated him quite softly which suggests that Paxman, the rottweiler. was sympathetic.
What a shame that Stephen Lennon chose the name of an infamous football hooligan as his nom de guerre. Tommy Atkins or Wat Tyler would be better.