Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I have often blogged about the malign influence that was achieved when immigrants from Pakistan were allowed en masse access to the UK. Now it has been proven that the Tube bombers were actually receiving orders from Pakistan prior to this atrocity.

I gain no joy from blogging the bleeding obvious. I would just like to know who it was who decided that people from Pakistan would be an asset to the UK? Who decided that people from this particular country should come here? We are poles apart in ideology, culture and history. We have absolutely nothing in common so why did they arrive on our shores in droves. The answer is simple ...somebody decided that they should have our taxes thrown at this alien group in the form of benefits.

We really have to get real. There has been a malign influence alive in this country for the past...well how many years?  I have often blogged that someone is trying to wreck our society and our economy. Well the economy is easy but one doesn't have to look too far further to discover who is also behind the attack on our society as well.

The very people who suffer from mass immigration are the same people who gain very little from the so called Labour Party and yet they have a culture which insists that they also vote for them. You see it saves them from actually thinking about politics and the two Eds know that this vote is guaranteed.

I will say it once again! My father and grandfather were  committed socialists and they would turn in their grave if faced with the two Eds! The tube bombers achieved exactly what some people wanted them to achieve. The concept was planned in Pakistan but it was conceived here at home.

I do not blame the immigrants of Pakistan. If I had been offered the deal in their position I would have jumped at it! What a result! I blame the people who conceived this idiocy which frankly means that this country can now never reverse history. We are now stuck with a massive group of people who are inately alien to our culture, our history, our religion, our clothing and our way of life.

I would bet my last sou that the people who engineered this preposterous attack on our society came from the far reaches of the Labour Party. They are no friends of this country.

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