Wednesday, 2 February 2011

3000 visitors!

This modest little blog which was born out of my increasing frustration with the Political Class and the European Union has just reached 3000 hits!  Frankly I am astonished because most of the time my ramblings are just a substitute for throwing coffee cups at the telly which I can't afford.

I would also like my grandchildren to know that when blame is apportioned on this generation for the mess we have allowed the country to drift into then they can see for themselves that at least their grandad tried to voice his frustration. I also try to reflect the conversations that I hear all around me.

You see generally most of us agree with each other about the ills within our society. We just don't have a voice. The Political Class (like President Mubarak of Egypt) don't listen and routinely break promises. They openly lie whenever it suits them and frequently change the goalposts.

Ever since NoLab got rid of Elizabth Filkin they have be policing themselves which has now led to a succession of them facing Courts of Justice and there should be many more. I will never understand how a man of the character of Gordon Brown could aspire to Prime Minister and then be allowed to ruin the economy to such an extent that we now have the worst deficit of any of the G20 countries.

How was he allowed to walk away scot free? How can he retain his parliamentary seat when he rarely if ever takes that seat? If Wikileaks is correct he routinely and blatantly lied at the Despatch Box. Why is he not being held to account? Who keeps MPs up to the mark? Why did nobody advise him that he was ruining the country and how can the very people who should have been advising him that he was ruining the country are now leading the Labour Party?

This is what keeps me ranting and I do not believe that these very people will not one day face the public and know the fear that we have for our future generations just because they failed to do their duty when the time came.

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