Saturday, 5 February 2011

The End of Multiculturalism...yeah Right!

David Cameron has his finger on the pulse. I know that because he regularly addresses the fears of the public. Today he spoke about multiculturalism and apparently stated that it was flawed. How long has it taken for him to recognise something that the rest of us have known for years? It is a powder keg! When Enoch Powell so many years ago warned of us 'Rivers of Blood' he could never have envisaged the modern society.

To be honest Enoch would never have recognised the modern UK. He would wander around blinking uncomprehending how his society could have nosedived into the depths into which it has descended.

He would wonder how the Christian faith could ignore its disciples and how the Archbishop of  Canterbury would allow himself to  become a peripheral figure in his home country. He would never understand how a collection of judges from inconsequential and unimportant countries could supercede law in this country. He would never understand how the children of this country could not play on the streets for fear of criminality.

He would laugh at any other government superceding Westmonster because in his lifetime we had fought a war to prevent it. That war had cost millions of lives and nobody but nobody could conquer the UK!  We had a UK Customs Service and a UK passport was a prized possession. Looking back we were so arrogant and so complacent. We were so secure in our history, our heritage and our trust that we never would understand how a Political Class, educated and protected by our class system would ever want to destroy it. What can they possibly gain from the destruction of this society?

We had already had the warnings. Burgess and McLean, Kim Philby and  Blunt were all outed as spies against this country and without exception they were from the privileged class. We also knew that the trade Union movement were linked with the Soviet Union and yet we were still shocked that the TUC commissar, Jack Jones, was outed as a communist spy when the Berlin Wall came down.

Enoch Powell would not have been surprised that the protege of Jack Jones, Gordon Brown, when given the opportunity, actually wrecked the economy of the UK. What he would have been surprised about was that his party, the Conservative Party allowed all of this to happen!

It is late and I have yet to talk about the EU, Common Purpose, New Labour and the mass immigration which would have taken people like Enoch onto the streets. David Cameron knows how to manipulate the media. He routinely addresses issues which concern the public but somehow nothing ever changes. I want to see the Coalition address the problems which concern the EDL. Don't just talk about it change it!

It will not happen because behind all of our ills is the EU. They all know it. Until we get that crucial referendum then nothing will be resolved because until we get out we will never again be in control of our own destiny. For EU read Adolf Hitler! Until we are prepared actually to refuse to pay, for example, our council tax then nothing happens. Gulp! I have to examine my conscience. How many of us complainers will face prison for our principles or for our grandchildren?

I must seriously think about that.


bewick said...

Actually Bryboy Enoch Powell never quite said that. He did though quote a Roman saying "I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood." He only quoted that as almost a footnote to his speech
The full speech is here

Amazingly prescient.A clever man who saw what might happen.

We shall wait to see if Cameron's resolve translates into action.
One thing I DO know is that if welfare benefits were abolished; if transfer of money from the UK was limited (happened in the Thatcher years I seem to remember); if the UK economy went totally tits up; then we would see MASS emigration of immigrants.

bryboy said...

Tks Bewick I realised that I was using a little licence to illustrate a point. I should have known that it wouldn't get past you! Tks for the comments elsewhere even if you copped a bit of flak.