Sunday, 6 February 2011

Police Cuts!

I see the lefties are making a huge noise about the cuts to the police force.They moan and wail about the loss to society of a police force that they neutered years ago. In my little town (well not so little now that they allowed the university population to explode) we never see a policeman unless they are whizzing back to base in their vehicles.

In the town centre we may occasionally bump into one one of those community whatzits, but an actual policeman...nah...they are rarer than rocking horse manure. At the weekends when the students are in town my generation rarely venture near the town centre in the evenings because it resembles a war zone.

The police long since abdicated their duty of protecting the public. They don't respond to callouts and these days seem to act as uniformed social workers. I spoke to a local shopkeeper two days ago and he confessed that he had no idea who the local copper was and his shop is located close to the most notorious housing estate in the town.

Sorry but until we get rid of the politically correct zealots who run most area police forces then we may as well get rid of all of them. We could then install a machine on the High Street and we could generate our own crime incident numbers by pressing a button!


bewick said...

Ha ha again.
As a management consultant I carried out particular reviews (between 20 and 40 years ago) of particular aspects of 3 Police FORCES - Nottinghamshire, Leeds (now West Yorkshire) and orthumbria.
At all those times the Police "on the ground" were fairly proactive.
At the same time the paperwork was excessive and I put forward proposals to reduce that, which were mainly implemented.

When I think back, and read my reports (held for ever) I realise that what I proposed was the precursor of "on the spot fines"; and automatic points on driving licences without any court appearances. I didn't express it that way but I was dealing with individual Forces rather than the full set. (did though manage a far more efficient national distribution of student allowances - oh for the return of County Majors)
Whatever. I still managed to reduce paperwork. The latter has massively increased since my day - so eliminating the advantages I managed.
Sometime later I was into Neighbourhood Watch and the local Police Commander told me how PACE had seriously reduced Police efficiency. Time for radical change?

bryboy said...

Yes our politicians don't seem to have the will to get wired into the police. I was hoping that Cameron would, as you say, radically change the culture but not yet which does concern me. Maybe it is not that easy! We must get them back on the streets though doing the job they should be doing.