Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Good Debate

Today I was steered towards a programme on Fairness, Justice and the Big Society which was broadcast by the BBC. The steering came from the Guido Fawkes blog who was commentating on one of the contributors to the programme. The facilitator guiding the audience through a myriad of discussion points was an American called Michael Sandel. He is a former Harvard lecturer in philosophy and his skill at bringing out the best from his audience was consummate.

The audience was a cross section of the British people and the ideas, opinions, reasoning and articulation was a credit to them all. How can a nation produce such intelligent young people and still breed the type of scum generally screened on 'The Jeremy Kyle Show'?

What did come out of the programee was that David Cameron has still not got his message across to the very people who he needs to support him. He really has quite a lot of convincing to do because unless he can convince this audience and people like them that he has serious intentions of changing our society then he will never succeed.

If you want to see the programme you can find it here .

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