Saturday, 26 February 2011

You just have to admire the Libyan people!

I recognise that life for us will hopefully never become as desperate as it is for the Libyan people. Hopefully and you notice that I don't discount it, it never will, although we increasingly stumble towards an uncertain future. Having said that can you not just admire how the Libyans  have faced a brutal dictator knowing that their lives were at stake.

I routinely watch SKY news which I find is the best unbiased news service available and it is clear that Gaddafi is intent on genocide. He more than anyone will never retreat (until of course he recognises that the game is up and then he will load a plane with riches and disappear to Zimbabwe of another such pariah state). He will expend as many people as he can without conscience because he is frankly a nutter.

It has always amazed me how our elite socialists, like Blair, Brown and Ed Miliband could even contemplate any alliance with Colonel Gaddafi but of course they have, they did and they have repeatedly demonstrate that, in the pursuit of power nothing is ruled out.

The unfortunate issue is that there is video footage of Ed Miliband cosying up to the Gaddafis (well they have got money haven't they) and now this relationship has been exposed for what it is. It has ever been thus with morally corrupt , unreliable people...they always become exposed.

They have all in their time been exposed. Blair ...I don't even need to address that, Brown ditto, Blunkett...women, Prescott...women,, the Milibands...their father, Smith...greed, Johnson...incompetence (and his missus), how many other elite socialists have vanished after they have been caught out. The foot soldiers always fall foul of the law but Speaker Martin, Stephen Byers, Phil Woolass, do you know you have almost go to be corruptible to get elected for our elite socialists. I hear that the orange wonder Peter Hain got booed on Question Time the other evening because people did not believe his take on arms dealing.

This is getting boring because I think that I have demonstrated the point. While the Libyan people are losing lives attempting to gain their freedom our elite socialists have happily supported one of the most corrupt regimes in the world. The most corrupt of course is the unelected, unaudited European Union which has been forced upon the whole of Europe. It is unsustainable because corruption is always unsustainable.

The EU is totally undemocratic. It will collapse one day but then it will bring down so many countries who, prior to the EU, had sustainable economies. That brings me to another question...who would want to bring down the western economies and who has the power to do so? I guess we are back to the New World Order...and then we have the Libyan people...fighting for an ideal! Bless 'em!


bewick said...

Much of what you say is totally right. I DO though worry that Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco will take, or be forced to take, the Islamic route.
These North African countries are on the doorstep of Europe.
A seriously dangerous situation.

bryboy said...

Sorry mate that I missed your comment. You are right. I believe that the eventual outcome could threaten world peace. I honestly think that the next world war will be the collision between two religions! The difference is that one religion is content to live and let live and the other wants a fight! Eventually we may have to fight back...well we are doing it BUT for all the wrong reasons!!