Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Socialist Elite and the Gaddafi Family!

It is now well documented that many of the Socialist Elite had strong links with the Gaddafi family which are now being strongly examined given the stance taken by the Libyan leader against his people. His rantings are showing him to be what he has always unstable tyrant.

Over at the Guido Fawkes blog he is displaying videos which prove that it wasn't just Blair and Brown who pursued the Gaddafi family money. Ed Miliband also ingratiated himself to the Libyan leader and all of them must now be trying hard to wash the blood from their hands.

This was the man responsible for the Lockerbie air disaster. He supported the IRA for years. He was ever a pariah cocking a snoop at the rest of the world and never has been a friend of the UK. Why then did the Socialist Elite go out of their way to court his largesse. I sometimes think that there is no depths that this crowd will not descend to discredit their country.

There is something inherently rotten about the Elite Socialists. They have an agenda which knows no bounds when it comes to ruining the country that has supported and nurtured them. After watching Guido's clips from YouTube I actually googled Ralph Miliband, the father of the Miliband brothers. He escaped Nazi persecution and came to the UK; the country which saved his life. In return he became an international socialist and appears to have spent the rest of his life trying to tear down the very society which allowed him to survive.

Ralph Miliband appears to have had a warped sense of values which he passed onto his sons. They support a cause. They don't support the country. They have an ideological belief which seems to pervade rational thought. Frankly they are not friends of us the British people and ever since they came to power they have torn down the fabric of our society.

The Elite Socialists have warped British Justice. They have warped British Education. They have warped the NHS. They have warped British Society. They have been responsible for mass immigration, two wars in which our soldiers have been slaughtered and the creation of a benefit culture which enslaves our poor.

They have also created a culture which makes the elderly fear old age. They have created poverty for the people who paid into the system all of their lives. They throw our money at an unaudited, undemocratic, organisation created by the likes of Ralph Miliband to ruin us all. They have no loyalty, no moral scruples and no shame. They don't really know what they want apart from power.

The Socialist Elite are actually the scum of the earth and I will go to my grave trying to expose them! Everything about the Elite Socialists screams don't trust us! The problem is that so many people depend on them for their jobs. They have, like the Rothschilds did many years ago, created a society which is dependent on the government. This is modern is rotten, corrupt and must be reversed.

In order to reverse it we must fight hard. I really don't think that, we the indigenous population, have the stomach for it. We have become soft, complacent and corrupted. We have lost the will to fight but the incomers are different. They know that what we have is worth saving. They have risked loads to come to the home of democracy and now they are faced with another fight.

The difference is that these people know how to fight!  I have the feeling that in the end the immigrants will actually have the courage to save the country from the sons of Ralph Miliband and their ilk.

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