Friday, 18 February 2011

The Political Class - the Elite Socialists!

If never ceases to amaze me how thick politicians are if you take them out of their comfort zone. I suppose it manifests itself in their lack of real job experience. So many of the socialist MP's have been privately educated firstly at an exclusive school and then ushered through university courtesy of Daddy's money.

They then sign up as bag carriers for their political masters (they can afford to do it for peanuts) and eventually, if they follow the party line and don't rock the boat, they are handed that golden ticket to a safe seat. They probably haven't met a real person unless they are protected by a lackey who ensures that they don't commit any serious errors of political etiquette.

After all look what happened to Gordon Brown in Rochdale when he decided to actually meet someone in the crowd. He couldn't even remember to de-mike himself!

Well it has happened again and exposes how unreal the socialist elite are when faced with a real situation. It is covered here by Guido Fawkes and is actually quite a shocking indictment on their perception. They couldn't even recognise a British army uniform never mind a British accent! It beggars belief!

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