Monday, 21 February 2011

It is irresistible...!

Can anyone have ever believed one week ago that the all powerful Colonel Ghaddafi could be on the back foot? Can we really believe that his people have turned against him? What has caused this Arabian uprising? More importantly who has caused it? An uprising of the people does not happen country after country unless it has been planned, prepared and financially backed.

Did the oil rich sheikhs become too uppety? Were they trying to upset the New World Order? Did they anger the real masters of the world? I am really beginning to suspect that everything is pre-ordained. The mass immigration into the UK was definitely planned so what else has been planned? The destruction of the Euro? It could almost be a quiz show.

So what will happen next? A World War/? China overtaking the States as the foremost world power? The people of Britain becoming poorer than those in Ethiopia?

I reckon ITV could make this a game show. Simon Cowell could organise it. Guess the World Game! Who will fall next? Is Iran safe? What will they do with North Korea? What will happen to Israel (sorry no prizes for that punt)? Will the rebellion reach Mugabe? I tell you what I believe that I have just lost millions by declaring my hand!

I reckon that Ladbrokes could almost be now on my case! World Politics could be the next Waddingtons Board game (oops there I go again). I look forward to tomorrow but then I have to visit my mother in law for the first time in many years. I will never forgive
the New World Order for organising that!

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