Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The popular revolt continues!

Can anyone actually believe the arrogance of Mubarak the Egyptian leader (well yes I can because we have the same clowns in Westmonster) when he has hundreds of thousands of his people demanding his immediate removal and he offers to remain until the next election!!

The people are being hugely restrained but I just wonder what it would take for them to break ranks and throw him in the Nile! He has had every chance to climb down and has refused to do so. There can be no sympathy left if the people make the decision for him ...but I have a concern,

At the moment it is a people's revolution but it has no aim, it has no objective and I believe that there are people waiting in the wings to take control. These honest people are revelling in their new found freedom but they may just be ripe for an Islamic take over. They should very soon find a leader, someone who they can unite behind, but in such a downtrodden society is there anyone capable of uniting Egypt?

Looking on from the outside they seem to be a very aware society. They are obviously a modern society because so many have emigrated to places like...guess where...the UK and they are clearly determined to rid themselves of their dictator. There are signs that the people are rising everywhere. Already Jordan is trying to dissuade a revolution and I am sure that others are looking nervously over their shoulders.

All this because Mubarak tried to subjugate the citizens! I must therefore pose the question... do we not have the same problem? Are we not under the same regime? We have just had an election and yet our society has not changed. The Political Class still rule through their slavish acceptance of the European Union and they continually refuse to concede that the public have a right to a referendum.

None of the major political parties in this country will even consider a referendum which of course means that they have something to hide. We who contribute to the blogosphere realise that the European Union is a socialist conspiracy to achieve what Adolf Hitler failed to do in the 1940's.

They are conquering by stealth. Their legislation is so convuluted, so complex and so ultimately boring that we the public cannot be bothered to examine it. If you are in government and do not want the public to examine the European legislation then you just ignore it. That way every creeping change can quietly be adopted into law and nobody even recognises that their lives are about to change forever.

I have a vision of the future that may happen years after I am long and gone. I believe that the population of the UK, be they English, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists or sky blue pink shot through with a carrot  (an old Worsel expression) the people will one day revolt against the government and against the European Union.

One day the people of this country and those who have brought their children here to enjoy a new life will bellow enough is enough! I personally believe that it will be an immigrant who will  eventually fight for our democracy because we the indigenous population have lost our hearrt to protect our society. One day we will have to fight for it and then we must hope that the Gurkhas and the Sikhs are up for the fight! 

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