Monday, 14 February 2011

Town Hall Madness! (continued)

Is she worth it? Andrea Hill's £218,592 salary as head of Suffolk County Council prompted angry residents to start an e-petition

    Andrea Hill - CEO Suffolk County Council earns £218,592 per annum

The profligacy of the Town Hall fatcats is fast becoming the scandal of the decade. The sheer waste of council tax income is clearly massive and although the socialist councils are probably the most ingenious in thinking up crazy non-jobs the malaise is not confined to them.

Local government salaries have gone through the roof as the Dail Mail articulates today and there is little doubt that some of the larger city councils are hell bent on scoring political points at the expense of the people who pay their council tax.

The pay off culture is clearly another avenue which allows council staff to milk the public purse but to compensate staff for redundancy with six figure pay-offs is way beyond the bounds of decency. What on earth are the auditors doing these days because I see this as a massive fraud being perpetrated on the public? Someone in government authority must impose some rules. Come on Mr Pickles you said that you would tackle them; it is happening on your watch!

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