Monday, 21 February 2011

The Banking Exposure!

I have just spent a little time watching this which is a quite scary YouTube video exposing how the Banking Industry and in particular the Rothschild family have inherited the world. I found myself just shaking my head because frankly it makes us mere mortals seem so utterly insignificant.

Give yourselves a little time but stick with it. It sometimes launches into technical language which would have normally switched me off but it really tells it how it is. The only way that we could stop this chicanery is for everybody to take their money out of the banks almost simultaneously. If we all, in a coordinated exercise, marched on the banks and withdrew our cash then I believe they would run out of money (well they would if the fraud that they have perpetrated on us all is true).

The present people's rebellion in the Arab world must have a lot of 'untouchable' people glancing a little tentatively over their shoulders. They have every right to be scared of the people. They are not scared of anything else. Their 'middle management' is being deposed in one corner of their empire. It is just a chink but quite a significant chink when dealing with people who normally control everything! 

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