Monday, 14 February 2011

The European Union...yet again!

On Sunday 17 January 2010 months prior to the last election I posted a warning. Now I sometimes think that I go a teeny bit over the top to emphasise my feelings but at that time I wrote that the next election could be our last chance to reflect a referendum on the EU. For example I warned that all our three major parties were in league with each other and the only question that really mattered was ... in or out of the EU!

This of course meant that the British public had to ignore the propaganda which they were being fed on a daily basis by the mainstream media. They had to ignore the hysteria whipped up by the MSM and they were to ignore the mock hostility of the political parties. It continues every Wednesday at Prime Minister's Question Time because in fact all the principles are disciples of the Bilderburger Group an undemocratic new world order power base. Please read it and follow it up because your mind will boggle at the progress they have made.

I honestly believe that people like me are the last bastion of democracy in the UK. Within five years England will cease to exist as an independent country. The writing is on the wall. Political blogging will defintely cease because it will not be tolerated. I have often stated that Brussels was the new Moscow and I had never read this.

From day one I thought that the war in Afghanistan was a stitch up. They were trying to distract the British Army into a war that they could not win. They knew that the guys had limited resources but what do Tony Blair or Gordon Brown really care about the British 'Tommy'. They had their eyes on a far greater prize. Look at their take on the heroic bomb disposal technician 'Oz' Schmid! He was exhausted because the government did not provide sufficient of his ilk and yet at his inquest some total bastard tried to link his performance on a message from his stepson.

I have a funny feeling that we have more in common with the Taliban than we have with the EU. They are in essence freedom fighters and one day our guys will also have to become freedom fighters. I am personally ashamed of what my generation have hoisted onto future generations. We have let them all down.

You have seen what happened in Egypt. I predict that one day it will happen all over Europe. One day Europe will erupt against the EU I just hope that I am still alive to witness it will not be pretty!

One day the guys will return from the 'crusades' in Afghanistan battle hardened and angry. One day things will explode. I have to keep believing that democracy will return for my grandchildren and then they will enjoy the freedom that I had. It may return in time for my great grand children and then I hope that they read this blog and say 'Hey really tried!'

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