Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lawful Rebellion

My blogging brother has uncovered a very interesting concept being pursued by some people who are as brassed off with modern politics as most of us are. He has done some research which is mind boggling and you can find it here .

Basically, according to the British Constitution which grew from the Magna Carta, if we believe that Parliament or the Queen are acting unlawfully then we can put them on 40 days notice to put it right. If they don't out it right then it breaks our contract with the state and our allegiance to the Queen. We then enter 'Lawful Rebellion' where we have declared that they no longer have the right to demand, for example, taxes from us!!

This tenet cannot be repealed and stands today as the basis of our law. People are actually going into 'Lawful Rebellion' because according to the constitution the handing over of this country to an unelected body like the EU is actually treason!  The details are all on Julian's blog and he deserves the credit.

I just wonder if it says anything about education being free!! I will be revisiting this concept because it may just be something which even the socialist elite cannot ignore. Could it just be possible that our whole political system is being run illegally? Surely the Judiciary are also aware of this? Have they all just ignored the very basis upon which the law of this country was built?


Julian said...

Thanks for the link, bro. Though to be fair, most of the credit for the information must go to Captain Ranty and various sites he linked to or which I found via Google. But I find it immensely cheering to discover there is a legally based way to tell "them" where to go, even if it isn't yet fully tested and you need balls of titanium to use it.

bryboy said...

Yes and after revisiting your site I take Captain Ranty's point about the difference between the 'legal fiction' issue and the'lawful rebellion' case. Either way I think that the genie could be out of the bottle. I may hesitate to turn myself into a test case but there are many who won't!