Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Derby County

We lost again tonight at home and once again failed to score. This run of poor matches has taken us from 4th in the league to hovering above the relegation zone. In the loan signing window all but the desperate are turning Derby down. At the moment we either sign players from much the lower leagues or players who cannot hold down places with teams that are below us in the league.

Our manager Nigel Clough is casting around desperately hoping for a miracle and in the championship they don't happen. You get what you deserve! He has bought badly probably because of financial constraints and at the time when we should be looking for experience we are signing cast offs from other teams below us in position and stature. It won't work.

Letting Commons and Moxey leave in the transfer window and not replacing them with like for like was disastrous. I feel so sorry for the genuine fans who follow the team around the country. It is not the end of the world; it is not Libya or Christchurch, but when you are passionate about your hobby it is disappointing, particularly when you are shelling out your hard earned hoping that someone will spend it wisely.

The fans have been let down. Next year our attendances will probably nosedive. The club is in disarray and the American board continue to believe that they can operate without spending money. We need investment. We need to be able to compete with our near neighbours but the gulf in the managerial backgrounds of our manager compared with those of Billy Davies at Forest and Ericsson at Leicester is becoming a worrying concern.


bewick said...

I'm crying too Bryboy. Derby County was not even in my thoughts this week though as I, in vain,tried to contact one of my oldest friends who lives north of Christchurch but works in Christchurch.
The email finally worked (my friends have a satellite link). They are both teachers. The school was closed and they were in a union pay meeting in Central Christchurch. I had finally deduced that when I did a "schools in Christchurch" search.

The building suffered minor damage only. they had to walk 3 miles back to the school through the liquifaction )wet silt). Their daughter and grandkids are fine but like me they mourn the dead and are "emotionally exhausted".
Thank goodness I saw the very pretty Christchurch before the devastation. It will never be the same again. Just behind the Cathedral and not 20 yards away is the apparently untouched Canterbury sportswear outlet where I bought an all-blacks rugby top. (I was a rugby rather than soccer player).
To think. I had planned to be there about now but we had agreed that next year would be better all round for various reasons.

With luck Derby will again hang on by the shirt tails to survive another season. They either just fail to pull themselves over the promotion parapet or just manage to hang on in the relegation race. At least they are consistent.

bryboy said...

Hey Bewick I feel for you. I have distant relatives in Christchurch and I have yet to discover if their is a problem. My only first cousin was caught up in the Phuket Tsunami and it took me days to discover that he and his wife were safe. They speak so highly of the local people!
Shame on you knowing Ronnie Webster and preferring rugby!

bewick said...

Bryboy. You really should check on your only first cousin (I have at least 20)
Not sure if it works but I used the following site

bewick said...

OH. I didn't actually have my friends' telephone number.
I typed "New Zealand" and "telephone" into google. Found the NZ telephone directory site and had the number in seconds.
Phones were out at the time though.

bewick said...

As for DC. Losing at home against Hull. HULL?
I despair.
With luck the American owners lose lots and lots of cash and DC returns to local ownership and then climbs up from league 2 to get back to 1975 glory.