Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Now it will get tough....

Well nobody expected that it would be easy but the reaction of Colonel Ghaddafi was probably predictable. Clearly the rebellion in Libya will cost lives and is already doing so. The trouble with that is that every death turns a whole family against the regime.

Typically back here the immigrants take advantage of the situation to advance on Downing Street complaining that the UK is not doing anything to help!  Perhaps the politicians will begin to fear a backlash of their irresponsible and damaging immigration policy. The British don't take to the streets but the Arabs do...the Africans do...and now thanks to the irresponsible and in my opinion, the treasonable actions of successive socialist administrations there are now sufficient aliens in this country to threaten the very people who brought them here.

Today in the Daily Mail Andrew Green confirms what I have been posting for almost three years. The mass immigration policy was planned. I just hope that when the balloon goes up and thousands of arab demonstrators descend on Westmonster they have an insight into their folly before they are thrown into the Thames!  

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