Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Shock! Horror! New Labour lied to the Public...over and over again!

OK it is no surprise that Wikileaks has outed Gordon Brown and his shabby bunch who secretly negotiated to get the Lockerbie bomber safely out of jail and back home to Libya. I am sure that we all remember the countless times that Brown publically declared that it was solely a Scottish decision and nothing to do with the government,

Now it would appear that, like his predecessor Tony Blair, he deliberately lied to Parliament. If this is true is there not a punishment on the statute books which would fit the crime?  After all Gordon Brown is still an MP, well yes I know; but he is still being paid to be an MP so where is the justice? If our Political Class is to retain any scrap of decency/dignity/responsibility then Gordon Brown should be dragged in front of a Court of Justice. At the very least he should be thrown out of Westmonster in disgrace.

If Gordon Brown is not punished for his calumny then any credibility left in politics will be shredded. He was an extremely dishonourable Prime Minister. If it is proven that he misled Parliament and lied to the public repeatedly then I cannot think of a punishment dire enough. He disgraced the role of PM!

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