Friday, 18 February 2011

The Non Jobs

The Daily Mail is doing a splendid job by relentlessly pursuing the Town Hall lunatics who waste your money by advertising a variety of  shamefully imagined positions while closing down vital services and then blaming Coalition cuts.  It is hard to believe that these elite socialists (and it is generally socialist councils) have such a non existent moral compass that they seriously believe that these are appropriate actions from people elected for public service.

The trouble is that their actions are hitting the very people who they claim to represent. It is the elderly and vulnerable who need public toilets and care homes. The poor and the students use the libraries. The kids use the swimming pools.

The elite socialists, will always buy books, join gyms, purchase private health care and consequently most of them get by without weak bladders and colostomy bags.  The rest of us will have to pee our pants so that they can hire A Roller Disco Coach! it is time that Ed Miliband was asked the blunt question...'Why do you support this lunacy?'
The trouble is that he probably doesn't even realise that he is responsible for all this misery. After all it wasn't him and Ed Balls who advised Gordon Brown to wreck the economy!

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