Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Egypt...will it catch on?

My goodness the images from Egypt are horrific! The people are desperate and the dice have been thrown. It would appear that the treacherous President has thrown in a 'rent-a crowd' after days of dithering. He is buying time but if he continues this policy he will definitely end up keeping company with the crocs in the Nile.

Some day soon the people will decide that they have been restrained too long. They have tried to be reasonable and I reckon they will soon descend on Mubarak himself. When the people build up the courage to take to the streets then anything is possible.
I see David Cameron live on TV condemning the violence but he does not condemn the reason for the violence.

What is happening in Egypt can happen anywhere..if people get angry enough, if they are frustrated enough, if they are denied legitimate democracy and if nobody listens to them!

We have had students on the streets but what would we do if a million pensioners descended on our capital and refused to let the traffic move? Pensioners probably have more to gripe about than anyone. The average pensioner has contributed sufficient tax in their lifetime to ensure a decent standard of living but in return they receive a pittance.

I salivate over a pensioner's revolution in our country because what would the police do? If Aunty Gladys linked arms with Grandad Barry how would the police react? They couldn't beat them up, they couldn't arrest a million pensioners and they couldn't allow London to grind to a halt! If it happened one day a month then it would actually constitute a threat almost akin to Cairo but with no violence.

Just thinking out aloud...! Sorry!

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