Monday, 7 February 2011

Lying to Parliament...!

To those of us who are political neutrals and attempt to comment on political matters without prejudice it has been clear for some time that the NoLab administration under both Tony Blair and in particular under Gordon Brown were a pretty shoddy shower. It has now come into the open that they 'facilitated' the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi by negotiating with Libya behind everyone's back and then attempting to cover it up in the House of Commons.

Today, as befits a PM, I think that David Cameron was restrained in his comments although his demeanour reflected anger. As usual Ed Miliband refused to accept the obvious because he was of course involved in this charade. This is the problem with the Labour leadership. Every revelation that trickles out now about their conduct and behaviour during their years in government condemns all of them. They were all in the Cabinet when this travesty of justice was enacted so they must all accept the shame which will surely follow.

I still believe however, that protocol apart, Gordon Brown has some explaining to do. I suspect that someone even now is trawling through Hansard to discover his exact words on this matter. Most of us remember that he constantly washed his hands of any responsibility for the release while we now know that he was doing everything possible to make it happen.

He is still an MP so when the facts emerge someone should insist that he makes a statement. If he had any honour he would resign but of course this is Gordon Brown we are talking about!

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