Sunday, 13 February 2011

No Alternative.......?

I am becoming increasingly concerned that the public will be unwilling to accept the cuts which the Coalition will impose upon us and forget who caused the problem in the first place. There is no doubt that the bankers have to bear some responsibility for the position that we find ourselves but never forget that the real villain is the European Union and the advocates of their slavish dogma...the elite socialists. The public school educated socialists who for thirteen years have recruited and overpaid an army of councillors, town hall slaves, trade unionists, quangos, NHS trusts, media bosses and police chiefs.

In the process they have also created an army of voters who must vote Labour in order to maintain their standards of living. In some of our more urban areas almost a majority are employed by the state and then of course we have another army who rely on benefits to survive. These include the unemployable, uneducated significant section of the young who have been dragged through a parody of education created by the socialist elite purely so that they can remain in power.

They have also invited a huge army of potential voters into this country from far flung lands and rewarded them to such an extent that we cannot afford to care for our own elderly. Geographically we had a natural barrier to anyone trying to enter our country illegally but somehow the elite socialists managed to weaken our immigration barriers to such an extent that millions of unwelcome visitors were allowed to arrive and stay. It was organised and sustained by our own Home Office.

They destroyed the wealth of the country. They have thrown billions of pounds at an unelected, unaccountable, socialist cartel which has no democratic right to even exist. According to our British Constitution even to sign up to support the EU is treasonable. This organisation follows the same dictat that socialism everywhere buys support. The European MP's make a fortune. It buys silence.

They have ruined the country by perpetuating a myth. They have rewarded milllions by ensuring that they are well paid for jobs which are meaningless. It is unsustainable which brings me back to my first concern. If we decided that the Coalition is not what we want then where do we go from there? To vote the elite socialists back is surely not even a consideration unless of course you have access to their 'free' money. Stand back and look at them. They have no policies to aid the recovery of the country. They do not support the working class who I dub 'The Paying Class' but they do reward the non working class.

If they get back into power this cannot continue. As they admitted 'the money has all gone'. Without public money there is no socialism for this elite group. They only have one plan. They want power. We must resist with every breath that we have and that is my gripe with The Coalition. You have the power and you may only get one shot at this. You could be our last chance. You are not doing enough! Get a grip and fight harder! We have no alternative! 

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