Friday, 4 February 2011

Emmerdale and that theme!

Most people who read this blog know that I am a straight down the middle boring traditionalist. Yes I have strong views about government but generally I like to live and let live. I understand and realise that what rocks your boat is different for all of us. In that respect I will accept any kind of behaviour as long as it doesn't offend.

I am becoming increasingly annoyed at the homosexual theme which is now pervading Emmerdale. This is a family soap for heaven's sake, broadcast at 7pm when my granddaughters are watching... well actually not watching anymore because mummy is angry.

Now I can understand how minority groups wish to advance their cause. I can understand how these minority groups want us to understand their plight, their feelings and their cause. But... will they not understand and acknowledge that the very thought of any sexual advance from a same sex person is actually totally abhorrent to most of us. We don't want to watch it! We actually wince at the thought of it!

I cannot even contemplate kissing (never mind anything else) another man (other than a Gary Neville embrace) and at my age no other man would even think about kissing me. I will accept that there is a minority group who have different sexual values to the rest of us. Who cares? But I do care when someone tries to parade this in front of my granddaughters as normal behaviour. Someone on the Emmerdale production team has an agenda but it is the wrong platform for most of us.

There it is... I await the flak... but someone had to object. To promote a campaign of same sex sexuality at 7pm in the evening is wrong but that is probably the point. They are waiting for a pleb like me to object. Well ... I walked into the trap because I am almost 70 but I still know what is right and what is wrong and I really do bloody object!!


Julian said...

I agree, bro. I don't mind what consenting adults of any sex do to one another in private. But if a heterosexual couple like SM or anal intercourse or group sex, they keep it to themselves, which is as it should be. Gays seem to want to "come out" to the entire world, presumably because they are obsessed with the idea of being considered as normal as heterosexuals, which they patently aren't.

There is a place for this sort of content on TV, but it's late in the evening, the same time it is considered acceptable to show other "adult" themed content.

bryboy said...

Tks Julian...I am prepared to fight my corner like you did. It is a modern world and there are many values that we don't agree with and inherently know that they are wrong...but we must live and let live until it affects our families. This is one step too far for me! Hey can you post more often because you have a lot to say and we need to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Bro, because of the way that people like you think, it's VERY important that "that theme" is shown on TV at 7 pm...

God bless the soap operas!

Sam said...

You are a Moron. And probably Gay and unable to accept it. Most of the people that complain are. And before you say anything, I'm a woman. I have a niece and nephew and why shouldn't they watch it?

Men fall in love with other man. It happens. It's not wrong, everyone is different. It's not wrong, and by watching two men kissing it is not going to make someone Gay. Men/Women are born that way. They're not made that way.

You ignorant moron.

bryboy said...

Here comes the flak!

Anonymous said...

Yes it's a family soap a family soap that is highlighting issues in modern day society!! And homosexuality is a part of modern day life, and we as 'homosexuals' need a voice to stop the crap and shit we have to put up with from narrow minded people!!! Why is it abnormal for a man and man or woman and woman to fall in love?? If god created us and homosexual is to be thought of as abnormal why is god allowing it to happen?? Because it's natural, where not drugged or forced by a cult to be homosexual, were simply born that way and if falling in love is such a crime then we really should be building more prisons because every single person is guilty of it!! Whether there gay or straight, you can't help who you fall in love with!! And is it such a bad thing to show children, I mean do we really want our kids or grandkids to grow up to be defamatory and discriminative?? We need to learn kids what the real world is like and I'm sorry but homosexuality is the real world it happens and people need to realise that!! People really need to stop being so narrow minded and learn to accept it!!!!!
And how are we not normal Julian I'm sure if I said you where not normal for being heterosexual youd have something to say!!!!


bryboy said...

Hey anonymous, you make a really good point but don't come on my blog as anonymous. Let's discuss your views and my views. I have opened up a discussion point but all I have had so far is abuse. I am'gay',I am a 'moron' but I too have a point of view and you are still very much in the minority. Don't tell me that the gay community are all 'in love'! Get real!!

Anonymous said...

Await the Flak?

Oh I'm sure you are - because that's mainly what this piece was written for - especially since you've attached "homophobia" as one of the labels to this piece.
A nice little controversial piece which may bring some attention to your blog.

I find it curious that you feel the need to cite your age here, unless it's some reference to a more glorious time when you were young and the world was a better place.......but then - they burnt witches in those days didn't they.

Sam said...

The Gay "Community" as you put it are in "love" with each other as much as the "straight" community are. Gay men/women as well as straight men/women will sleep around. Everyone does, it's human nature. But they still fall in love at the end of the day. They still want the same as every one else in the world. A family, love, marriage and to be accepted.

Who are you to tell them that they are wrong? Based solely on how they were born? Would you say that to blind man/woman? or Deaf man/woman? because of how they were born?

Don't think you would. Stop living in the Victorian Age and step into the 21st Century.

Everyone else has, join us. You will find that YOU, my friend are in the minority.

Anonymous said...

If you really want your grand daughters to grow up more responsible, mature and enlightened than you obviously are then you would be better off not foisting your own ignorance and prejudice upon them. I find it peculiar that you don't seem to have any issues with them watching any of the other themes that go on in Emmerdale such as murder, rape, duplicity, adultery, fornication, etc.

Makes me wonder if you'd have been around a hundred years ago, you would have been the sort of person to demand that those ugly cripple people be kept locked up and hidden away as they might frighten your ever so normal grandchildren.

There's nothing like an opprobrious statement for showing up the inadequacies of one's upbringing.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want people coming on The blog as anonymous then you shouldn't have the option to choose it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There really are some bigoted, narrow minded insulting people on here!! Being gay to people is a part of who there are, as is being straight to other!!!if you don't like watching an issue be raised then watch summit else at 7pm and stop mouthing off about something that you clearly have no idea what its like to be!!! Do you think being gay is easy? That our lives are plain sailing and trouble free??? You clearly have no idea!!! Get a grip you idiots!!!!! It's 2011 FFS!!!!

Martin said...

You have to bear in mind that sensational storylines are the lifeblood of soap operas, and by 'sensational' I refer to such things as robbery, blackmail, assault, rape, murder, and (arguably) homosexuality. You made no mention of anything else that was problematic for you; perhaps it's just the gay thing. I need hardly point out that it is the one thing in the aforementioned list which is perfectly legal!

I appreciate that your formative years were in the 1940's and 50's, when 'family values' were rigorously instilled in everyone. I will wager that there were just as many gay people around then, but in those days they were forced to live sad, closeted existences. But time has moved on, and attitudes have changed. If the idea of two people of the same sex expressing affection for each other is too distasteful for you, may I suggest you stick to more innocuous fare like Lark Rise to Candleford in future!

bryboy said...

Tks for your contribution Martin. At last reasoned argument. I have just read it out to my wife and she is so disinterested in my blog that she champions apathy!

Your point is well made which I accept; after all I can always change channel. I just think that in my ignorance the theme is 'not nice'(but then rape,murder and burning witches is 'not nice'). There are many heterosexual practices that are 'not nice' and at the moment I wouldn't want my grandaughters exposed to that kind of behaviour. It is all a matter of opinion.
I just think that Emmerdale is the wrong time and the wrong platform. That is my personal opinion which even in this modern age I am still entitled to.
Anyway must be off 'cos I've got a couple of witches to burn..those were the days eh!?

Melitha said...

I don't see why you should have a problem with Emmerdale, since they have never shown two men in a sexual situation, and barely show Jackson and Aaron kiss, or showing any intimacy at all.

By the way, I assume that you get just as angry when Emmerdale depicts people who are murderers, abusive, etc. Why should your ire just be raised when they are telling a story about gay people?

bewick said...

Emmerdale? What's that?
Am I homophobic? Well no I'm not. I have absolutely no IRRATIONAL fear of homosexuals. I don't even dislike homosexuals unless they offend me by totally inappropriate behaviour. I get offended by heterosexual couples acting inappopriately in public - like overtly sensual kissing.
I once spent a night in pubs in London with a very funny and camp homosexual. He was very good company and we both understood the other's position.(ex colleague)
Then again if a homosexual approached me inappropriately then, after a warning, he'd get a bloody nose or worse. Has never happened.

But homosexual "messages" before the watershed is simply unacceptable. It IS simple propoganda and must stop NOW.
Once in Kensington the only local pub was a gay bar. A couple of locals warned me but the beer was good and I never felt threatened.
"Gay". Well I seriously resent that homosexuals have hi-jacked this perfectly good English word which was commonly used in my youth

bewick said...

Oh dear

Just read the "anonymous " posters peddling the usual """".
Well Bryboy, and them,I am of similar age to you.
In my teens homosexuality was actually illegal. Funny thing is we all KNEW who were the homosexuals and I can promise it wasn't the 10% now claimed. Has homosexuality just become "cool"?

We heteros kept away from them. There was one chap in my local youth club who was always thought to be homosexual but rarely displayed any such tendency overtly.
I did say that it never happened. On reflection it did. This chap was one, of many, with whom I played table tennis and much else. Once though he grabbed me from behind in a very inappropiate way.
He was far bigger than me but I fought back in a way which hurt him. I never had a further problem.
10% now and 1% then? Which is right. Probably somewhere in between.
Man is an animal. Animals have little homosexuality. Those who display such are usually excluded sometimes violently.

Sam said...

Bewick? Have you heard yourself? Dear need to grow up. Homosexuality isn't "cool" as you called it. It is perfectly normal, as is a man and woman. It's people like yourself that wish to label it.

"He grabbed you from behind?" So that meant he was trying it on with you? Come again, eh? You were playing a game, what was he meant to do? Tennis can become physical or you can lose your footing. You are just an ignorant human being who needs to sort himself out.

Homosexuals may be in the "minority" but that doesn't stop them from being normal. Then again, people like you are obviously as homophobic as you are racist. Choosing to pick in a minority. Why don't you just go hit your granddaughters with sticks and lock them up until you find them a nice little husband? Will that make you feel better?

I really hope that one day one of them tell you that they are Gay. What you going to do then?

Anonymous said...

Great satire there. Reminds me of Poe's Law.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.....what has happened to freedom of speech and expressing ones self? It always amazes me how people resort to personal attacks instead of explaining another side to the story! How is someone supposed to open their mind when they are called names?
Anonymous obviously doesn't read their Bible, as it clearly states that a man leaves his parents and should be united to his wife! God has allowed us to choose our own paths in life. He allows us free will...we can choose! The Bible clearly states that only a man & woman should be intimate.
Homosexual practises are not normal and young children should not be exposed to it especially before the watershed. It is very sad that the people defending themselves need to be so aggressive.
God loves every one, but He doesn't like what some people choose to do with their lives. So, He doesn't allow choose to do it. It's called Sin.
There is a consequence to your Bible and you will find out. Please don't bring God into your argument to try and justify your chosen lifestyle.
God definitely doesn't bless soap opera's!

bryboy said...

Oops is the genie out of the bottle? Must go just spotted a witch...where are the matches?