Sunday, 20 February 2011

It is escalating.....!

Time is up mate and not before time!

The rebellion in the Arab world continues and is escalating all the time. There are reports on SKY news that the people are now on the streets in Morocco and even Iran. There must be some very scared people around and the guy above should be one of them. He has been a murderous tyrant for decades and has been the force behind many of the atrocities in the world. Only somebody like Tony Blair would think of think as an ally.

Talking about Tony Blair isn't he doing a grand job as peace envoy in the Middle East? One by one his mates are being rounded up and toppled (I actually wrote 'topped' in error but come to think of it...!). Mubarak has gone and Berlosconi has been charged with paying an underage prostitute.  Didn't he keep charming company and you know what they say...judge a man by the company that he keeps.

Reports from Libya state that the people have taken Benghazi despite the importation of African mercenaries by Ghaddafi. The army apparently fled!

It is the situation in Iran however, that interests me. Iran is the major Islamic power in the Middle East. I cannot believe that the Islamic fundamentalists are rioting against their own regime so perhaps it really is a people's revolution. Whatever, I would suggest that what is happening could change the world as we know it.

I just wonder quietly what it might take for a similar event to arise in Europe. I know that the situation is quite different but an illegal, unaudited, organisation cannot subdue the people for too long before some event could trigger off a response from the people. What the arab world has demonstrated to such effect is that the ultimate power lies with the people. It does not matter what the bankers, the polticians or the media think because once the people take to the streets then no army in the world can resist their will. It is a really comforting thought!

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