Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Socialist Elite

Sir Howard Bernstein
Sir Howard Bernstein CEO Manchester City Council

There should be a crime on the statute books which deals with the reckless squandering of taxpayer's money. It was, at one time, dealt with by the District Auditor but it would appear that the National Audit Office has fallen into the wrong hands.

Hardly had I completed my post on Town Hall lunatics closing vital public services to protect their excessive salaries and the myriad of inconsequential jobs than this appeared in the Daily Mail this morning. I could not have wished for a better example of the public suffering to preserve the socialist elite in power.

Typically the CEO, Sir Howard Bernstein, earns the usual £230,000 per annum salary (almost double the PM) and has refused the call from Communites Minister Eric Pickles to cut his salary by 10%.   The Council Leader refutes accusations of political opportunism but one only has to examine the reckless expenditure to know that it can only be political opportunism. As usual they protect the 'stupid' and dismantle the 'essential'. It is verging on the criminal but while people in Manchester support this nonsense then I suppose they get what they deserve.

Even so they will pay ever higher taxes and receive just what Sir Howard Bernstein and his socialist elite think that they merit which clearly in the case of Manchester is very little indeed. Fair! Ha!

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