Saturday, 12 February 2011


What a result for the people but it is only the very beginning. What happens next is much more important. This is the dangerous stage because Egypt is such an important country in the Middle East. Mubarak got the backing from the west because he tolerated Israel. For tolerating Israel he of course got buckets of cash but now he is gone and what happens next?

Everyone in the oil rich states have witnessed what has happened in Egypt. The modern communication system and the Internet means that every goat herder and camel driver has access to this people's revolution in Egypt. There are rumblings in Jordan, Libya, the Yemen and even Saudi Arabia. These oil rich sheiks will need to have a very large army to restrain  their public.

Their political elite have abandoned their responsibilities in the pursuit of greed. However is that not a similar situation in the UK? The difference is that we are not goat herders or camel drivers... but we night as well be because we are being robbed blind by the socialist elite.

I am just reminding our corrupt politicians that they should tread carefully. As yet the young have not been educated on politics but if they can be persuaded to take the interest in their own education to another level and encompass a more, say, general interest, then they could be persuaded to take to the streets...however their leaders at the moment are all part of the socialist conspiracy wrapped around the EU.

The Egyptians gained their victory because they thought independently about their future. They wanted something different and they won. It was not doctrine or dogma which won this victory it was the will of the people and I personally know the will of the British people is not to be ruled by Europe. We must get this message across to the young, fit and able.

They are the ones who will be fighting for everyone's future. The problem is that so many have already died or been maimed in Afghanistan! Funny that? But then why on earth do you think that they were sent there in the first place? It sure as hell had nothing to do with a threat to us here in the UK.

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