Friday, 25 February 2011

Have all MP's lost the Common Touch?

I sometimes wonder when I watch events like PM's Question Time what the 650 MP's actually do? I periodically tune into BBC in Parliament and I am astonished at how few attend the chamber on a regular basis. As in the days of Tony Blair nothing much has changed. Only a handful of the MPs actually seem to matter. Look at recent events because once David Cameron goes abroad then chaos reigns. Nobody else seems capable of picking up the reins of government. We hire one plane which needed  repairing before it took to the air and one condemned naval warship which fortunately was nearby on its way to the graveyard.

Down here on planet Earth we are actually having a horrible time. Fuel prices are rocketing, pensioners can barely afford to heat their homes, food prices are escalating but there are even more pressing problems. A pensioner dare not become ill or incapacitated because a spell in the local hospital could threaten your life. If you do not have caring relatives you may just starve to death or die of thirst and that is if you dodge the other life threatening viruses lurking on almost every ward.

My question is have our MPs lost all touch with reality? Do they really meet and talk to their constituents? Have none of them got ageing relatives who must attend the local hospitals? Are they all so rich that private health care is mandatory? Do they never monitor the NHS Trusts? Do they never visit an NHS ward without a retinue of hangers on ensuring that  reality is camouflaged? I know that not all hospital wards are guilty but far too many are finding their way onto the pages of the Daily Mail.

Why is it that it is left to crusading papers like the Mail to expose the realities of life for the vast majority of us? Why do the MPs not address the issues in parliament? How can they sit there week after week ignoring some of the awful cases of neglect which are regularly featured? Are they all cowards or are they just disinterested? Does the old adage, 'The working class can kiss my ass I've got the bosses job at last', apply to every single MP?

Sadly it would appear so and that is the leadership that we have come to expect from Westmonster. The crisis in Libya has exposed so much about life in our own country. We seem incapable of leadership! We seem to be paralysed at the first sign of a problem. We have become, greedy, vain and  state dependent which is exactly what the EU wants. The youth of this country, in the past hotbeds of rebellion, have been fed a diet of  platitude.

Now we hear that British government officials have been bribing Libyan officials to 'allow' British citizens to leave the country! It just gets worse and worse. David Cameron is currently live on SKY and he sounds like a Prime Minister but what is behind him? He is claiming that the world is watching the situation in Libya and will react to the behaviour of the Gadaffi government. When has Gaddaffi listened to anyone? As a nation all our military assets are tied up in Afghanistan. We couldn't even defend ourselves against Somali pirates if the need came.

If we listen to Cameron it sounds so organised but if you listen to the people on the ground it is chaotic. All over the media however we have the greedy whingers complaining about lack of  government assistance. I am sorry but they took the dictator's money knowing what he was capable of and now it may be their turn. The risks were obvious but greed overcame their common sense.

This is the problem with blogging whilst watching the news unfolding. It is easy to start on one subject and end up on another. I will finish this post by declaring that it is very difficult to feel sorry for those people who were grabbing Gadaffi's money regardless of the consequences when homes for the elderly are being closed down and the aged are dying in our hospitals through neglect. I suspect that many of the so far fit pensioners are hoarding pills and have that bottle of malt tucked away for the inevitable day when enough becomes enough.

What an indictment on a so called civilized country!


Anonymous said...

They have lost the common touch and found a common purpose.

bewick said...

What do they do? Well some at least actually give very good speeches and the rest do FA.
The speeches? Well likely drafted by SPADS or Civil Servants.

My Tory MP replaced the one retiring at the last election.

At the beginning of the year I wrote to the Met Office to complain that they failed to warn me that temperatures would fall to -12C. They said -4C publicly.
My unheated but insulated utility room could withstand -4 but not -12.Result? Burst pipes.
I wrote to the Met Office and demanded that my email be passed to the CEO.
I added "ignore me at your peril" - a very common phrase.
The Met referred me to MoD security because of my "threat".

Well I enacted the genuine "threat" and did what I promised. That is I wrote to my MP immediately.
Result? Well no. He "lost" the email correspondence and blamed the "House of Commons". BS.
Eight weeks later I still await a promise from him AND the CEO of the Met that I am not on any "potential terrorist" database.
I already demanded that from the CEO. He gave me detailed excuses as to why the Met Office got it wrong but failed to re-assure me that I wasn't regarded as a terrorist. I'm 67 for Goodness sake.
I won't become a terrorist unless forced but I could very well go public in the gutter press.
I pay something of my MP's £65k + expenses + platinum pension. He'd better deliver because he really wouldn't want me as an enemy.